Monday, September 9, 2013

Latest Character announced!

Here are some of the next character toys for Infinity...

Huge Infinity lineup pic.

Here is a large Infinity lineup image. Enjoy!!!!

Some more 3d characters from Infinity

Now that the Disney Infinity game has shipped, I can show more characters that I modeled and textured for the Infinity game and for the Infinity toys.

                                       Here I modeled and textured Squishy, Art, and Finn.

I modeled and textured Mater, and Ragetti.

        I modeled and textured Perry, and helped on the model and textures of McQueen.

I modeled and textured Ramone, and Terry and Terri.

I modeled and textured Woody.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Human Study In Progress

I call this dude, "The Brad".

He was made in Zbrush from Zspheres.

I haven't spent more than about 5 hrs on him.
The feet are the least developed.
I will post more of a final later....just trying to do anatomy studies when I can.

Human Study ZBrush

Here is the beginning stages of the mandude that I call, "The Brad".

I started with Zspheres in ZBrush. Then I converted the Zspheres to a polygonal mesh on the far right. Then, after subdividing a few times, add a sprinkle of dynamesh, and a tablespoon or two of Zremesher....and a lot of brush strokes (mostly with clay build up, move, and smooth) and viola!

"The Brad" is born.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Updates and My 3D Art

I have been updating a new draft of my screenplay, "Hottie Latte' ".
I have really enjoyed writing this story. My favorite made up character I call Wilford Fronk.
He works in the Milford Mini Mart. Wilford from Milford. It cracks me up.
I had a lot of fun developing his character.
I read this script to my kids the other day and they really seemed to enjoy it. They actually didn't want the story to end. Ha.

I wanted to post some of my 3d art here. These images are some that I have found floating on the web. I can post some more of my work once the game (Disney Infinity) is released in Aug 2013.

These characters are mainly created by myself unless notated.

I had a great time modeling, texturing and posing Perry. We even have a signed prototype with the official approval from the shows creators, Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and Dan Povenmire!

Yep, I modeled and textured the vault in the game.


                                             photo by Chad Liddell
I modeled, textured and posed Mater. He is definitely one of my favorite characters.

                                     I modeled and textured Ramone and a few other cars in the game.
                                                   I'll post more cars when the game is released.

I also helped model, UV and texture McQueen. (original model by Shane O)

I modeled, UV'd and textured Woody. (Thanks also to Irene Matar and Brad B.)

I helped model Helen, or Mrs. Incredible. (Original model by Shane O.)
I posed her toy in ZBrush.

I helped model Violet. (original model by Ian J)
I posed her toy version in ZBrush.

                                      I posed Mike in ZBrush. (originally built by Chris W)

More to come!!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

To Write ... part 5

Here is a list of my own personal writing methods. (in no particular order)

1 - One of my favorite writing methods is to tape record myself narrating the script.
I will then burn my recording to a cd and listen to it. You would be amazed at how well this works in timing and the story flow. Also, you can tell right off the bat if the dialogue is cheesy or too wordy. I love to even add music to get a feel for mood.

2 - I like to create a storyboard. This could be as simple as thumbnail sketches...but it is important for me to visualize the story. Any artwork helps develop the story. You see things that you might have missed...or, something that you could enhance and develop better.

3 - Create and flesh out each characters personality. Make a character sheet. List all the attributes, likes, dislikes, or anything that is relevant to the character. List background bio's and relationships within the story. This really helps as you write the story. It adds interest to that specific character.

4 - Music. Whenever I write, I am always thinking about songs. Intro songs, montage songs, love songs, adventure songs...etc. Even if you will never use that particular song, it creates a mood, or a feeling as to what is happening.

5 - Get some family members to read the script out loud. Split up the parts. Just listen to them and watch how they interact and react. This can be very helpful. If they stumble over words, then simplify them. If they are confused at what they are reading, reevaluate what you wrote.

6 - Just write. Who cares if it sucks. Just put it in paper. Who cares about the spelling, the context, the undeveloped characters, the timing, the dialogue.....who cares. Just Write!
Once you get your groove will flow like honey butter. You will let yourself flow, you will get loose, and magic will come out of your fingers.

I'm not kidding.

Too many people get hung up on titles, words, placement, all stops them from the magic. It stops the fun.
Analyzing all the details can kill your script, try your patience, and discourage you.
Your script will never get past page 3.
Just Write and let it flow. You will go back and fix it all. I promise that you will have 15 revisions of the script before you have something that is good.
Don't let anything stop you....Just Write.

7 - Juice yourself with creativity. One thing I like to do, is break out the guitar and start playing some songs I have written. This really gets my creative juices flowing. Once I start writing, and I need a break, I go back to drawing, or music, or something else that gives me a creative break from one thing, and gets my juices energized in a different creative outlet...then I go back. This works well for me.

8 - Dont let anyone stop you. This world is full of discouragment. There are those that love to see people fail. Don't let them get to you. If you believe it, and feel it...then do it. No matter what.

9 - Take a break. Get away from your story for a week. Work on another story, then go back. It is amazing to get back to a script with fresh eyes, and a renewed enthusisam after a small break. Burnout can really hamper your creativity.

10 - Have fun. Developing an idea is so much fun. Creating is fun. If you're having fun, it will reflect in your script.

11- Story is KING. Story is KING. (Repeat over and over.)
It doesn't matter how pretty your film is, or how well your book is drawn/ illustrated....
If the story lacks, ...Your project lacks.
Story is always KING.

12 - Get feedback. This is tricky. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. People base what they see on their own life experiences. Don't take constructive feedback too seriously. Don't let someone kill your idea, because someone else will love it. Take feedback with a grain of salt.

13 - Everyone is a creator. We all create in different ways. Some in the arts, some in the home, some at work, some on the football field, some in a corn field....we are all creators. We all long to create.
We should always inspire and help others....good things always come to those who help others.

When I was writing, "Ivan The Terrible Loveable", I drew out some rough sketches. I also fleshed out the characters. This made a huge difference, because I made the pet owners look like their pets. It added a funny element to the story.
Also, I love the Temptations (music group). In my Ivan intro, he would be feeding his pets to the song, "I Want A Love I Can See". This very song places the story in a retro 60's type it makes me think of Ivan's art style within that era. (colors, look, feel, etc)
All these little things help in the bigger things. It's like making a mini movie in my mind.

to be continued . . . . .

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To Write ....part 4

For many years, I focused on writing children's books and short stories. I have dreamed of being a full time children's writer/ author/ illustrator ever since I was a kid. For years, I was involved in various writing groups where we would meet on Saturdays or late nights after work. I wanted to talk to everyone I could meet about writing and illustrating books. I was convinced that this was my calling in life.

So I wrote and wrote....illustrated and wrote. When I would finish a story, I sent it off to a publishing house. That's when I got to play the waiting game. I would wait, and wait....then wait some more. After months of hoping and dreaming, I would finally hear back with a rejection letter. This happened more times than I want to admit. After a pile of rejection letters, you start to rethink what you are doing and come up with an alternate game plan.

I decided to go into the 3d industry. 3d was still art, just a different form of art. And 17 years later, I am still loving the 3d medium. I have worked on everything 3d from video games, film, broadcast, children's shows, television, medical animation, print, media....and so much more.

So, over the years I have continued to write and draw my little stories. I'm sure that one day down the road, I will finally be able to finish them. Until that time comes, I will keep chugging along adding to the stack...a little here, a little there.


Children's Books / Stories

The first children's story I wrote is called, "The Last Little Rhino." It is pretty self explanatory. The story is about the last rhino in the world. But the little rhino has a trick up his sleeve. Is he really the last little rhino?

My second children's story is titled, "Ivan The Terrible Loveable." This story is about a 5 year old boy that LOVES pets. Any pets. Neighborhood pets, pet store pets, zoo pets, park pets, and any and all pets. However, Ivan isn't very gentle and has to leaarn how to be nice to the little critters.

I also wrote, "I Babysit A Bottomless Pit", "Kookaburra Roo", "Until I'm Not I am", "Happy Stew", "Zoo Doo", "Two Foots Is A Feet", "Born This Way", "Arza And The Universe", "Hippo Hill", "The Butterfly Wish", "My Gorilla Grool", "Runyins", "Baboonies", "Birkley", "Hubbel", "Muddy Smiles", "If Animals Were...", and a bunch of others.
I guess I have enough work to keep me busy for a lifetime.

Here is a collage of some of the "placeholder art" covers. Sorry that the images are so small. I did that on purpose because I don't want placeholder art floating out there on the web.

* None of my children's stories are published as of yet. Some have pages of artwork and rough sketches, and others not so much. Most of the artwork is placeholder art until I can really focus on how I want the visuals to look....However, the character design is pretty close. I make sure that I have the character looking close to the final so I can visualize him/her during the writing process.

Now that online publishing tech is here and very accessable, the game has changed. The publishing world has changed. I no longer have to think that success lies within a publishing house. Now, the publishng world is wide open, the sky is the limit, and the possibilities are endless.

...isn't that so cool?

My obstacle right now is "time". If I can find the time....I can finally finish illustrating these awesome little adventures.



Hubbel is my latest comic. I have hundreds of drawings and strips that are ready to be inked. My problem is finding the time to do it all. Hubbel is an office comic strip featuring Bill Hubbel.
Hubbel is a very selfish, narcissus who is too smart for his own good. What makes this comic very fun is the rivalry between Hubbel and his office mate Dilly. I may post more at a later time.


"Hottie Latte"

My latest script is called, "Hottie Latte". It is a working title and may change at some point.

Years ago, I asked my daughter to help me write a romantic comedy. The problem was that although I had a great idea, I kept forgetting bits and pieces. I kept thinking that her and I could find some time to figure out the script together. As she got older, she got busier. I got busier...and it just never seemed to happen. I thought that I better write down a 5 page synopsis so I wouldn't forget it again. That 5 page synopsis turned into my latest screenplay. My daughter wasn't able to help me write this story, but I am sure I'll be getting some feedback from her.

"Hottie Latte" is about a snobby-elitest working woman from Los Angeles. She loves her fancy cars, fancy friends, fancy apartment, and her high paying career. She is in her late 30's and has put off marriage and family because she just doesnt have the time. Her boss sends her to Utah to close a deal with an important client. She doesn't realize that a huge snowstorm is blowing in and will dump a record amount of snow that will trap her for a week with a stranger, and a very strange town. In the end, she not only has a change of heart, but also falls in love with the small town and the people.

Okay. I know what your thinking. This sounds like "Groundhogs Day", or "Doc Hollywood". NOPE. Not even close. I tried to be very orignal with a surprise twist. I guess you'll just have to wait for the movie...ha.


My Future Script Projects:

So, here is a list of my future screenplays that I have been itching to finish.  These new stories are in various stages of development.

"Snow Beast" is about a snow beast. Is he nice? Is he mean? Is he even real? CG / Family

"No Man's isLAND" is about a man who owns an island. His father once owned many acres that were taken away from him (Blighted) by the goverment. His father lost everything. He grows up with an anger and a hatred that he channels towards innovation and technology. He gets his revenge by building more than an island. The inhabitants of the island are the twist in this story. Live Action / Adventure

"Eon" is my alien story. Who can write stories and not have an alien idea? Not me. This story is about a guy who works for a video game company. He goes camping and encounters an alien who has been thrown off course in his travels. He realizes that this alien, Eon, is lightyears ahead of human civilization. Eon's knowledge could be a great benefit to him and his career. Live Action /Adventure/ Comedy/ with CG

"The Prince Of Pocatello" is about a man named Ruddock who has lost it all. Why? Because he was accused of doing something that he didn't do. He was framed by his jealous co-worker. The result? Ruddock lost his wife, his job, his family, his friends and is about to lose his 5 acres of land that has grandfather left him. All he has left in the world is his John Deere tractor and his 5 acres of land. As the police close in, he means to go out fighting, however, he finds something on his land that changes everything. Live Action/ Adventure / Comedy

"The Runyins" is a film idea based on my children's story. The idea is that a meteor comes crashing to the earth and lands in Sugar City, Idaho on a country farm. The family that owns the farm investigates the strange meteor, as well as NASA and the government. Did something really fall from space, was it the government, was it a spaceship, or was it an elaborate hoax? The whole town speculates...but a boy finds out the truth. Is there life from space? Do aliens exist? Did they open a pathway to something worse?
CG / Family


to be continued....

Monday, November 19, 2012

To Write...part 3

"Auckland Island"
I have always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. I am particulaly interested in the Maori culture. I especially love anything native-hawaiian. I am a sucker for the dancing, luau's, and especially the music. (I love that reggae beat!) Everything about the polynesian islands I love, so I  wanted to write a story about the native Maori people.

I came up with a story idea that I had many years ago. (Concept was conceived in 1989, but started in 1998) My working title is called, "Auckland Island".
The story is about a young Maori boy named Joseph. He is a half breed in New Zealand. His mother is Maori and his father is Pakeha, or European. His family is very poor and live on the North Island which is barren and dry due to an old curse. The beautiful island that sits off the northern coast is called Auckland. It is lush, full of life, and has everything one could ever want. It has been protected by the curse for nearly 100 years. The one who can break the curse by reaching the island, will rule the island.
Everyone on the shores of the North Island dream of breaking the curse by reaching Auckland. But it is extremely dangerous and many have lost their lives in their attempt to reach the island.
The northern island is becoming a wasteland. Auckland is their only hope, but only a Maori can break the curse. Will Joseph succeed in his dream to reach the island? You'll have to find out.

This script would make an awesome CG film. I illustrated some concept artwork as I immersed myself into the Maori culture. I built some Maori rafts and a few of the main characters in 3d.  I also worked with Maya's ocean/ water fx in 3d. Its pretty amazing how you can get a realistic looking ocean. (see above for my 3d raft and 3d ocean)

Above is the character, Mokie. (I actually met a guy that looked just like him!)

This is a really great adventure.


"White Heart" The Story of Ota Benga:

I have always been obsessed with Africa and wildlife. In 2001, I actually went to Africa for a humanitarian project where we worked with the poor and needy in the slums. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I have always been intrigued by African culture, the language (I even tried to learn Swahili), and with the people.

As I frequently research Africa and natives, I came across a story about a Pygmy named Ota Benga.

In the early 1900's, researchers, doctors and scientists would bring over African natives to study them in places such as New York, St. Louis, and even in London. They claimed that the Pygmies, who only stand at 4 feet tall, were the purest race in the world. The scientists wanted to learn all they could about them and their way of life. They considered that the Pygmy race could possibly be the missing link in human evolution.

The Pygmies were brought over to America. Some eventually stayed, but they had a very difficult time adjusting to American life and culture. Ota Benga was brought over to America in 1904 to perform as a native dancer at the St Louis World's Fair. He eventually found his way to New York where he worked at the Bronx Zoo taking care of the primates. Ota Benga became very famous and people were curious to know about this little Pygmy. He became a human spectacle and was actually put on display at the zoo. He was billed as a ferocious cannibal that many flocked to see. He was often inside the primate house as visitors watched him work with the chimpanzees and orangutans. The patrons gasped in horror as they gazed upon his sharpened filed down teeth. They were intrigued by his small stature and native dress . In real life, Ota Benga was a kind, playful, and curious Pygmy. He was misunderstood, mistreated, and eventually ended up taking his own life.

The story of Ota has some much potential as a film. When has anyone written a movie about Pygmies? I couldn't imagine this story not being told. My goal was to secure the rights to this story and write a screenplay...however, after doing hours of research, I found that the rights were already secured by someone else, and there was a long line of people wanting to make this story into a film. I knew I didn't have a chance, but I wanted to write the script anyway.
(I just hope they have the passion that I have to make this story into an awesome script.)

I started writing the screenplay that I titled,  "White Heart", which would be a serious adaptation of the book, "Ota Benga: Pygmy In The Zoo", by Phillips Verner Bradford and Harvey Blume.


"Pygmies In The Rockies"

As I progressed with the screenplay for Ota Benga, I grew a little discouraged at the thought of someone else making this film. I wondered if I was wasting my time on a project that would never happen.

I decided to regroup and change my direction.

As thrilled and excited as I was in writing my tribute to Ota, I decided to write another script about Pygmies. I based the idea on the historical facts that I had uncovered as I searched the web about Pygmies in America. In my story, a group of scientists bring over a family of Pygmies to be part of an African display in a New York museum. The premise is based on true history, true facts, and documented evidence. I just had to decide whether this story would become a drama, or could it become a comedy?

The more I thought about the possibilities, the more I thought that this script idea could turn into a very comical story. I wondered, what would happen if Pygmies actually escaped in a large city? How would Pygmies use their natural survival instincts in a foreign place filled with modern technology and too many people. You might say it sounds like a spin off of "The Gods Must Be Crazy", or "Crocodile Dundee". I actually think my script is quite original, and very, very funny.
The story takes place in modern time and would fall under the category of comedy/adventure.

So, I titled the screenplay, "Pygmies In The Rockies". I even picked the actors that I would love to see in the starring roles. (see I told you I'm a dreamer)

I went to a film festival and saw Will Friedle in a film. He was fantastic and so dang funny. Such a natural comedian.  I knew he could be perfect for the starring role. At least I wrote the story with him in mind.

The leading lady part might go to Erin Chambers. I'm really not set on who would play this particular role, but I really like her.

I also had loved Frank Langella in the movie "Dave". I thought that he would be awesome as the evil doctor/ museum curator.

Ving Rhames would be perfect for the part of Leroy, the henchman of the evil museum curator. (He was in "Dave" too) He is also the Pygmy tracker, but he is more of a mobster than any kind of tracker. The Pygmies sure give him a run for his money. It's pretty hysterical.

I even have some music chosen that I would love to use. Pete Mitchell from "No More Kings" is a pure genius when it comes to writing and executing songs. I am sick inside that I missed them in concert in Salt Lake in 2007. (I was supporting my nephew at his School Of Rock concert.) Pete is a super creative mind that I would love to tap into one day.  Anyway, he wrote a couple songs that I would love to pull into this film. "Leroy and Me", and "Paper Airplane". Pete, me buddy. Let's have lunch. My treat. Let's get creative. heh.

* I think the most difficult part of making this film, would be finding suitable Pygmy actors to play the parts. Now don't get me wrong. I am not poking fun at Pygmies. I actually love the Pygmy people. If anything, I am bringing an awareness to the plight of the Pygmy. How I wish that I could make this film, and donate proceeds to the Pygmies of Africa whose natural habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate in the Congo.

if only.......sigh.

to be continued...